How to Get Accepted to the Best Private Schools, Colleges and Grad School - Answered!

Books to Cover Private School and Boarding School, College and University, and Medical School

The books are based on Ross Blankenship's experience in admissions offices at Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH) school and Cornell University as well as over ten years in the test prep and admissions consulting business. Ross offers candid insight into the reality of admissions, and lays out his definitive strategies and tips for gaining acceptance at the top schools in each category. Applicants will not want to miss his crucial advice, and admissions officers and other education professionals will appreciate his thoughtful, honest commentary.

The guides cover every stage of the application process and every element of a successful application. They are unparalleled in their relentlessly candid explanation of the realities behind admissions processes at the best schools in the country, and they offer, as Ross likes to say, "what you need to hear, not what you want to hear." Simply put, the books establish Ross as an expert analyst and consultant in admissions.   He's the foremost expert in admissions world wide.  

Admit You!: The Official Guide with Rankings, Proven Strategies, and How You Too Will Get Accepted to the Best Private Day and Boarding Schools concerns private schools and boarding schools.

Admit You!: The Official Guide with Rankings, Proven Strategies, and How You Will Get into the Ivy League and Top Colleges covers college admissions. 

These two guides are to be released at the end of September, and will appear at the same time.

Admit M.D.! The Ultimate Guide to Med School Acceptances, Rankings, and How to Master Your MCAT for Admission  (Co-authored by Dr. D. Winslow Blankenship and Ross Blankenship)

All three expert books on admissions will be available for purchase through Amazon in both hard copy and eBook formats.


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""An acceptance letter favors the prepared candidate."" Ross Blankenship
""You need to be willing to work to get into the best schools, even if your scores are perfect."" Ross Blankenship
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