Top Test Prep's 10 Best Medical Schools

Top Medical Schools Rankings by TTP Admissions Experts

11 MAY 2014
We have completed our annual ranking of America's top ranked medical schools. The rankings are determined by such factors as median MCAT scores, median GPA of incoming students, National Institute of Health funding, and acceptance rates. These rankings are listed to provide assistance to prospective medical school students with their decision on where to apply.

Top Test Prep's 10 Best Medical Schools

2014-2015 Edition

1. Washington University in St. Louis: Washington University ranked number 1 in the nation in median incoming GPA rank (3.93) and median MCAT rank (38).  These numbers go to show just how high the standards are to even be accepted to Washington University.  They had the 6th largest NIH funding in the country with $298,483,750.

2. Johns Hopkins University: Johns Hopkins has long been a fixture in the top 5 medical schools rankings.  They ranked 4th and are tied for 3rd in the nation for median incoming GPA and median MCAT score.  They also have the 2nd largest NIH funding last year with $404,918,256.  Johns Hopkins also has a 5.3:1 faculty-student ratio, making it the 3rd highest ratio in the country.

3. University of Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania medical school is the oldest medical school in the country.  What sets it apart from the other medical schools is it's 2nd highest median MCAT score (37) and 3rd largest NIH funding in the country.

4. Stanford: Stanford only admitted 1.4% of the students who apply, making Stanford the most selective medical school in the country to get accepted to.  The average incoming GPA is 3.88, good for 6th highest in the country.  Stanford also received an NIH funding of $314,809,448 , which is the 4th largest funding in the US.

5. Yale: The highest ranked Ivy League school in our rankings goes to Yale.  The average mcat score of incoming students is a 37, which ties them for 2nd highest in the country.  Yale received the 5th largest NIH funding with $311,824,870. They have the 5th lowest acceptance rate in the country with a 2.1% acceptance rate.

6. Harvard: Harvard was just edged out of the top 5 by it's Ivy League rival, Yale.  Harvard has the 3rd highest median GPA at 3.92 and tied for the 3rd highest median MCAT score.  Harvard's NIH funding was where the national ranking wasn't as high, with the 23rd largest NIH funding in the country.

7. Vanderbilt: Considered the Ivy League of the south, Vanderbilt is the 3rd most selective medical school in the country with a 1.9% acceptance rate.  Their average incoming GPA rank is 3.86, which ranks 12th highest in the country.  Their median MCAT score is a 36, which ties them for 3rd highest in the country.  Their NIH funding was the 9th most in the country with $292,413,440.

8. University of Pittsburgh: The top ranked public medical school. The University of Pittsburgh has the 7th largest NIH funding with grants totaling $297,016,461.  Their average MCAT rank is a 36, which also ties them for 3rd highest in the country.  

9. University of Michigan:  The University of Michigan has an incoming median MCAT score of 36, which ties it for 3rd highest in the country.  The faculty-student ratio is 2.6:1 which is 8th highest in the country.  Their NIH funding is $284,397,726, which is good for 11th highest in the nation.

10. University of Chicago: Rounding out our top 10 is the University of Chicago medical school.  With the 5th highest incoming median GPA at 3.90 and tied for second highest median MCAT score with 37, the University of Chicago definitely attracts some of the top medical school applicants.  Their NIH funding is the 29th largest in the country with $144,701,214.

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